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Chicory Root - The Bunny Bum

Chicory Root - The Bunny Bum


The Benefit of Roots

Let's not forget something that our rabbits definitely enjoy in the wild which is ROOTS (eg dandeliopn, chicory). Dandelion root stimulates the secretory functions of the stomach and liver, improves metabolism, regulates good intestinal microflora, contains dietary fiber inulin, which also lowers blood sugar levels. The majority of rabbits go crazy for dandelion roots. All of these examples can help with the natural wear of the teeth, but also provide a lot of pleasure. It is worth including twigs and roots in your rabbit's daily diet.


  • The Bunny Bum dehydrated herbs are 100% natural
  • Grass leaves are large, uncut
  • High quality herbs from Europe, inspected by veterinary experts


Why give dehydrated herbs?

Wild rabbits have unlimited access not only to fresh grass, but also to a wide variety of plants and herbs with various properties. This allows them to balance their diet and stay healthy by instinctively eating plants that contain the appropriate healing substances. Rabbits kept in captivity have lost this ability, and they don't have such possibilities, because they depend on what we give them. Wild rabbits have access to hundreds of different types of plants, but in our homes their numbers are drastically limited. That is why it is so important to feed our rabbits as much grass as possible (fresh in season and dried in winter) and a variety of green vegetables, so that they have the best balanced diet possible - and by "grass plants" often referred to as "weeds" means "weeds" and not mint or basil from the store.


How to use herbs?

The hers can be served as one of the daily foods or, if it is a properly composed mixture, they can completely replace the pellets. In addition to their diet, herbs can be served as a kind of toy, hidden in tunnels, wrapped in paper, or among vegetables for our rabbits. The grasses look absolutely stunning composed with the leafy greens. The roots are a great toy for natural tooth wear, or you can wrap them up in a toilet paper roll or throw them in the hay and watch our rabbits in their natural foraging behavior.


Chicory root helps with teeth grinding. It contains inulin, considered to be natural probiotic, and it has a positive effect on digestion and food absorption.


Serving size: a few pieces
3 times a week
Introduce gradually

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